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Sustainability and VAO Bodrum

In art management, both ethics and aesthetics are important for us.

Our values support sustainable development goals 

Social Values
  • One of the most important values for our company is gender equality. Over 50% of our faculty members and 65% of those in leadership are women.

  • We care about diversity. We are working diligently to continue to build our International VAO Community. 

  • We care about the health of our students. We provide masterclasses on subjects that benefit the mental wellbeing of students and faculty with mindset coaching and meditation, among other topics. We also provide meals for students and faculty, choosing restaurants according to World Health Organization criteria.

  • We are working to bridge cultural divides. Our projects and performances cover diverse languages and cultures. Our performances are selected by our board members, including material inspired by Turkish National Opera. 

Environmental Values
  • We know air pollution and climate change is one of the main problems of our planet. We choose our most-used locations to be within walking distance to prevent the need for automobile travel which prevents contributing to air pollution.

  • We know the value of the sources of our planet. We try to make less waste. We use digital technologies in the most beneficial way to minimize the paper waste.

Economic Values
  • We support local businesses in our home of Bodrum.

  • We work with locals which has vision to follow environmental ethical standarts. 

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