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Program Location: Bodrum, Turkey 

Program Dates: June 18 - July 9, 2023



"Le nozze di Figaro"- W.A. Mozart (DOUBLE CAST: ALL ROLES OPEN)

“La canterina”- J. Haydn (ALL ROLES OPEN)

"Cecè” (premiere)- R. Cipriano (ALL ROLES OPEN)


Nuit d’Etoile (A Night of Stars)

A Grand Night of Singing (Grand Concert at Bodrum Castle)

Anything BUT Opera

Voices of the Future


Concert Artists will be main performers in concerts - arias, art songs, and musical theater as well as cover study roles.

Opera:  Staged, full-length, performances (2) of Mozart’s “Le nozze di Figaro” which will be double cast, and a single cast (with a possible double depending on talent) performance of Haydn's "La Canterina" and the premiere of Cipriano’s “Cecè.” Fully-staged with a professional chamber ensemble. Venues are historic and professional.

ALL ROLES ARE OPEN! Please see the website for photos.

Concert Artist: Two openings for concert artists which will be the main performers of concerts and potentially perform scenes with faculty.

Undergraduates who would like to cover study roles and receive intensive coachings daily are encouraged to apply. You will still perform in our concert series. Reduced tuition will be considered for cover study opportunities.

Other performances include:

•   Cabaret-style performance of arias and art songs

•   Double bill with our staged chamber opera and aria recitals

•   Select singers perform for Bodrum's local celebrations with high public attendance

Voice Lessons & Regular Coaching:  At least four, private one-hour lessons weekly with faculty, geared toward role preparation and application to learning new music.


Conductor Coachings: One-hour lessons with a conductor to learn how to meld personal interpretation and preparation with the realities of performance with orchestra.

Dramatic Coachings & Theater Program: Rehearsals geared toward the final performance, addressing personal needs as well as important tools of role development. Stage training and direction with director Allison Price.


Diction Classes and Coachings: With the importance of proper language pronunciation we will  present diction (French, Italian and Turkish) in a class setting but also in one on one coachings to prepare for the operas, concerts or even for your own individual arias and songs.


Recitativo Intensives: The art of the Italian recitativo is one of the biggest challenges for a non-native speaker to master.  This will be a primary focus in our group master classes.


Mindset Coaching: Critical to a performer’s success is their mindset. Stress can be a killer in auditions or in performances and negative self-talk can lead to self-sabotage. Tools to combat these challenges will be addressed in masterclass format.

Lifestyle: Lunch lectures series about the business of singing and the art of living as a singer in the real world. Visiting friends will come to present on topics of language, culture, and professional career paths.

Connections to photographers, journalists, coaches, conductors, mentors, and networking in Turkey and greater Europe.


Lodging:  At a charming hotel in the city center, just around the corner from the Bodrum marina.


Meals: Included are daily breakfast and five dinners a week in an intimate group setting. Meals are shared with faculty. Emphasis on healthy, local options whenever possible (gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options).  


Breakfast at the hotel from 7-10am daily including eggs, some gluten free bakery items, and breakfast meats. A small supermarket is just 10 steps from the hotel, including a deli section. Singers and faculty found it easy to eat a very low-cost lunch (3-6 Euro) that included healthy, organic (or organic-style), and gluten free items.

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