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Our Home in Bodrum

Bodrum is on the Bodrum Peninsula, in the Aegean region of Turkey and it has a most beautiful climate. Bodrum is a gateway for nearby beach towns and resorts with chic and European-style resorts along a stunning coastline.


The city’s narrow streets wind down towards the sea, lined with white houses with distinct blue doors surrounded by purple bougainvillea. Bodrum has one of the most beautiful bays in the world, home to lots of hidden coves, and is known worldwide to be one of the most desirable sailing locations. 


The town has an impressive entertainment scene with beautiful venues and stages like the Antique Theater, a massive 4th-century theater, which is used for concerts to this day. Historical architecture is distinctive in the world with a handful of ancient attractions for sightseeing like the ruins of Halicarnassus which is said to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World!


Bodrum is the international and intellectual face of Turkey, home to many local artists and designers. The culture and local people are warm and helpful. Traversing the city is very safe and the city is surrounded by cameras. Because Bodrum is home to many European ex-pats, the appearance of the culture and dress is much more along the lines of European stereotypes than Middle Eastern. 

All Bodrum photos on this page are thanks to Engin Koçak


Experience Bodrum

The academy is centered in Bodrum’s City Center and it is important to note that Bodrum is the name of the whole peninsula. There are many places to visit like Gümüşlük, Yalıkavak, Turgutreis, Bitez, Torba, Ortakent and other small villages. You can join one-day tours around Bodrum or venture out to a nearby village to watch and participate in the ancient skills of carpet weaving, as Turkish carpets are world renowned. During your free time, you can walk the old town of Bodrum and shop at the Bodrum Bazaar. The town is surrounded with local stores with affordable prices. If you wish to enjoy the water, there are many boat trips you can join. You can also swim in blue-flag licenced beaches. Since Turkey has a wide food culture, you can find any food you like. Local food is delicious, thousands of cafeterias and restaurants, and the best hummus and savory kebabs you may ever have the pleasure to experience.


You can find taxis anywhere and the city is surrounded with the buttons on the trees and buildings which you can use to hail a taxi. If you wish to explore public transportation, you can find dolmuş (mini buses) anywhere. There are ferries that you can use to reach Kos Island (Greece) and Datça (a different town in Turkey)

* Please follow route guidelines due to Covid Restrictions.

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Places to Explore

Bodrum Castle

Museum of Underwater Archaeology

Mausoleum Museum (Halicarnassus)

Bodrum Antique Theatre

Myndos Gate (Myndos Kapisi)

Dibeklihan Art Village (Dibeklihan Kültür ve Sanat Köyü)

Zai New Generation Library and Events Center (closed on Mondays)

Zeki Müren’s House Museum

Osmanlı Tersanesi Art Gallery

Merqez Art Gallery


Recommended Bays

Küçükbük Bay

Çakılyalı Bay

Hattat Palmiye Bay

Adaboğazı Bay

Akvaryum Bay

Gerenkuyu Bay

Karaincir Bay

Torba Bay

Kargıcak Bay

Aspat Bay

Cennet Bay

Bardakçı Bay

Beach Clubs

Kuum Beach

Kai Beach

Moon Beach

Maça Kızı


X Beach

Escape Beach

Buddha Bar Beach

Sarnıç Beach

Edition Bodrum Beach

XUMA Beach

Shopping Malls

Milta Bodrum Marina

Midtown Shopping Mall

Oasis Shopping Mall

Avenue Shopping Mall

Palmarina Yalıkavak Shopping Mall

D-Marin Turgutreis Marina Shopping Mall

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