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About the Festival

After our successful 2019 season in Orvieto, Italy, we moved our festival to Bodrum to produce our second festival under the name VAO Bodrum. We are glad to make Bodrum our home and proud to be the first and only international opera festival of the beautiful, blue Bodrum City.  

VAO Bodrum

We had a successful season thanks to the support of our generous sponsors. The quality of VAO Bodrum would not be possible without the support of Bodrum Municipality, Mayor Ahmet Aras, and all our sponsors. We were able to accomplish our first season in Turkey because of the special spirit of Bodrum and the warm Aegean people. Many gracious thanks to our young and intellectual audiences who come to see our performances who have met our performances with great interest.
Our students, faculty, and audiences have lifetime memories from our magical night in Bodrum's oldest hotel at Karia Princess, our Don Giovanni Performance in the 2500 year-old stone quarry in Gümüşlük, and a stunning opera concert under the stars at the beautiful Sianji Resort. Special thanks to Dore Music for providing discounted keyboards and Milta Marina in their support to announce events.
We are thankful for the devoted work and cooperation with the International Music Festival in the production of our main opera. Our multiple concert experiences provided a completely different musical experience for audiences and performers, making musical art more accessible to the masses. In the pursuit of accessibility, we broadcast select concert material live from the Karia Princess Hotel and are pleased to expand our online and offline stage experience to our students in the future.
Emerging artist talents who came to the program from various parts of the world were fascinated by the historical, cultural, and environmental beauties of Bodrum. We believe our first of many seasons in Bodrum was an invaluable experience not only for us but also for our young talents.
Our sincere thanks to our academy members, sponsors, and students who worked so hard to bring the festival to life.
Like William Shakespeare said, “If music be the food of love, play on.” We will continue to work to make opera that everyone will love.

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