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Our Story

The story of the Vocal Academy of Opera began in Orvieto, Italy in 2019. In 2021 the Academy moved to Bodrum (due of Covid 19) to enjoy the benefits of Turkey’s deep and diverse culture, natural environment, the most beautiful performance venues, and safe environment for students to learn and grow and perform.

Founded in the United States, we are the first and only American Summer Opera Academy in Turkey providing students with vocal training, coaching, acting, and business skills in a serene setting that will provide cultural learning and growth.

A boutique company that prides itself in working one-on-one with each participant, we strive to provide the tools that will prepare performers for success with their vocal instrument in their niche.


We are proud to work with renowned worldwide faculty who are actively working in the industry. We acknowledge the frustration of many emerging artists not having enough performance opportunities for application of what they are learning in their music studio, to expand their education beyond what a university or private studio can provide within the confines of their existing structure and the challenge of differentiating oneself from other artists who are confined to only receiving the education that a university or private studio could provide.


We believe a student is not a number but is a unique human being with a passion to grow and succeed. Through daily lessons, coachings, rehearsals, and performances, we aim to have each student leave with greater confidence in their art and more importantly, in themselves. 


We are proud to be the first and only international opera festival of beautiful blue Bodrum. We will continue to innovate, create, perform, and continue in our work to make opera that everyone will love because “A nation devoid of art and artists cannot have a full existence.” and "We love opera!"

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