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Tuğçe Doruk

Pianist, Coach

Born in Izmir in 1979, the artist entered the Ankara State Conservatory in 1992 and became a student of Prof. Semra KARTAL.
A year later, she came to Izmir and continued her studies with Seçil AKDİL. Later, he graduated as a student of Prof. Aykut YAFE for his undergraduate education.
The artist in İzmir in January 1995 with Prof.Zöhrap ADIGÜZELZADE, in Vienna in January and June 1997 with Prof.Heinz MEDJIOREC, in İzmir in 2001 and 2002 with American pianist Martin BERKOFSKY and finally, in the USA in the summer of 2002.
She was invited to the “Master Class Summer 2002” organized by Martin BERKOFSKY within the body of The Cristofori Fondation with a full scholarship and actively participated.

Tuğçe Doruk
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